Welcome to Bike Lady, Inc.
Formed November, 2008 as an impromptu holiday bike-a-thon, and incorporated in January, 2009, Bike Lady, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer charitable organization based in Columbus, Ohio, focused on providing NEW bikes, helmets and locks to the Franklin County Children Services (FCCS) Holiday Wish program, and to additional Ohio county child protective services locations, for children with a history of abuse, neglect and abandonment. A buck is a buck is a bike! EVERY dollar raised goes directly towards the purchase of new bikes, helmets and locks.

Take five minutes and get the "backstory" in this 2011 video.

Give a kid a bike. Change their life.

Over six holiday seasons, Friends of the Bike Lady have donated over $250,000 and put 3,499 kids safely on a shiny brand new bike with helmet and lock. Way. To. Roll.
  • Year 2008 - 125 kids on new bikes in 1 county
  • Year 2009 - 212 kids on new bikes in 1 county
  • Year 2010 - 524 kids on new bikes in 1 county
  • Year 2011 - 351 kids on new bikes in 1 county
  • Year 2012 - 1,146 kids on new bikes in 8 counties
  • Year 2013 - 1,141 kids on new bikes in 16 counties
CURRENT GOAL: 1,400 in Year 2014

Progress: 1,207 as of Dec 18, 2014
Holiday distribution scheduled across TWENTY (20) Ohio Counties for children served by child welfare & protective services...
  • 703 assembled at Pickaway Correctional and distributed
  • 300 in transit to PCI for assembly
  • 51 arrived at Grafton Correctional for assembly
  • 88 assembled at Toledo Correctional and distributed
  • 65 Misc to FCCS


Fulton (4)
Sandusky (6)
Hancock (8)
Wood (20)
Union (24)
Clinton (28)
Fayette (28)
Pickaway (33)
Madison (41)
Fairfield (46)
Lucas (50)
Licking (51)
Ross / Vinton / Hocking combo (135)
Franklin (361 and still growing)

Athens (47), Lorain (51) Washington (22) and Hamilton (100) still to receive, plus balance to Franklin... we're still rolling. Put a kid on a bike today.

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No contribution is too small

Close your eyes and think about every childhood holiday or birthday gift you received. What is the single distinct gift about which you remember the day, event, color, style, brand and what you did the moment after receiving your gift? For many, this positive lifelong memory will be the day you received your first new bike. Now, imagine the tears of joy and squeals of glee that children with a history of abuse and neglect would experience if they see a shiny two-wheeled surprise under the tree in 2014. Positive lifelong memories are in short supply for many of these kids. Help the Bike Lady create this magical experience.

FCCS annually serves nearly 25,000 children with about 5,000 youth under its direct care each holiday season. Please help the Bike Lady fulfill a fraction of those holiday wishes and also spread the love to other Ohio counties, too.

Why bikes? The Bike Lady believes in the power of bicycles. Read

a BUCK is a BUCK is a BIKE

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of your donation is used directly to purchase bikes, helmets and locks. In no way is any part of your financial support used for administrative overhead costs.

Can you help the Bike Lady? It's simple. Donate securely online via PayPal, including credit cards, or by mail. Read more...

No contribution is too small. Five bucks is five bucks. It all adds up. We'd be grateful to receive it. It takes about $100 to put a kid safely on a bike, including helmet and lock, when purchasing retail. The 2014 goal is to fulfill the wish of 1,400 kids in care across at least 14 Ohio counties with a new bike, helmet and lock. We can do it if you will help.