Welcome to Bike Lady, Inc.
Give a kid a bike. Change a life.

Thank you for being a Friend of the Bike Lady! Your donation has been made and the transaction has been completed. You just changed the holiday season for at least one Ohio child served by child protective services. You've made it magical! Not only will that child experience immediate joy, freedom, and opportunity thanks to your gift, but you have also just created a positive lifelong memory for that child. Everyone remembers their first bike.

You will receive notice from PayPal of the transaction, then a receipt from PayPal for the transaction, and finally, I will send you a thank you receipt within a few days. 

Good things happen when we share. Tell your friends, family, clubs, church, and employer about Bike Lady. Maybe they'll put a kid on a bike, too. J
oin us on Facebook and Twitter where we post all kinds of good news. Check out the company you keep on the complete donor list which is updated weekly.  

Again, thank you for sharing your amazing holiday spirit by doing something kind for a stranger you'll likely never ever meet and who cannot repay you. That's charity. That's love. And it matters.