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WE WILL POST 2016 SOON - this is Year 2015

Team Bike Lady knows how to roll. Your mindful commitment to giving away joy freedom knows no bounds. Here is last year, Season 8, Year 2015 by the numbers: Funds raised: $103,995 Kids served: 1,655 Ohio counties served: Thirty-two Ohio Prisons assembling: Three Total expenditures of $96,470 with 98% used directly bikes, helmets and locks, with less than $1,900 used for administrative costs - all of which is covered by a specific donor so that 100% of YOUR contribution is totally in the bike! Purchased 622 adult-sized bikes for teens and 1,033 bikes sized for pre-teens or younger. There were 845 boys bikes and 810 girls bikes. Click this PDF map to see how Ohio looked on December 23, 2015 all covered in a warm holiday blanket of #bikelove:
On behalf of the 1,655 you'll never ever meet who really needed the gift you gave them, thank you for believing in the power of a bike and in the spirit of the holiday season. Mostly thank you for believing in them, in the children.

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