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Dear Friends - September 25, 2016

From my home to yours, Merry September 25th!

The morning air is turning crisp. The afternoon sky is oh-so-blue, and Christmas morning is exactly three months away. It is time to kick off Bike Lady Season 9! With your support, in exactly three months, hundreds of kids all over Ohio will wake up to a brand new shiny bike. I am asking you to channel your September Santa and give away a bike today. Your gift will matter because foster care is hard:

  • There are 15,000 Ohio kids in foster care. About 25% are available for adoption, and 1,000+ annually age out without a forever family
  • Kids don't do anything wrong to enter the system. They are in foster care because someone has extensively hurt, neglected, or rejected them
  • Rules and regulations prohibit them from doing lots of other typical kid stuff, and it's nearly impossible for the teens to get a driver's license, but they can ride bikes!

Bikes help. A lot. Like the season in which we give them, bikes are magical. Last year, you gave 1,655 Ohio children across 32 counties their first new bike! (See this map infographic.) You were so generous. Thank you. Can we do it again?

Sadly, new kids enter care every day, but we have a way to help. We can blanket Ohio with bike love! We can do something kind for a child and make their holiday truly magical because bikes change lives:

  • Bikes are big, shiny, and hold promise
  • Riding bikes is healthful, reduces stress, is joyful freedom and a chance to be like any other kid
  • Bikes provide a tremendous sense of permanence and ownership at a transitional time when everything seems out of control
  • Bikes provide transportation so both urban and rural foster youth can get to school, the library, a part-time job, or be on a sports team
  • And your gift creates a positive lifelong memory. Everyone remembers their first bike
You fundamentally alter the trajectory of Ohio foster youth when you give to Bike Lady. You give exercise, mobility, and opportunity; you help heal moments of trauma with moments of joy; and you provide hope. When asked what their new bikes mean to them, the kids always say, "It means someone cares what happens to me; someone loves me.” 

Simultaneously, our prison assembly program gives purposeful opportunity for an inmate to give back. Volunteer service is proven to increase offender self-esteem, lower inmate violence and gang activity, and reduce recidivism upon reentry.

Every bike you give changes at least two lives, giving a measure of freedom and well-being to both. 

Please donate online today, or mail a check to Bike Lady, Inc., PO Box 311, Blacklick, OH 43004. As always, 100% of your contribution goes to bikes, and your donation is tax-deductible.

Why donate now? Because creating holiday magic takes time. Now is our time to order, transport, and assemble before we can deliver bikes at Christmas. Some Friends sent in support before this official kick-off, giving us a rolling start. Thank you! We are already within $5,000 of releasing the first Huffy order. Please channel your September Santa and let's move that first truck!

Kids in care belong to our entire community. Not everyone can volunteer, mentor, foster or adopt, but each of us can still enrich the daily life experience and expand opportunities for our foster youth. It's a bike. So simple, yet so powerful. Please give one away today. 

As always, thank you for believing. Let’s roll!

Kind Regards,
Kate Koch | Executive Director
PO Box 311 Blacklick, OH 43004  |  T: 614.946.6463
Email: staff@bikelady.org   |  Web: www.bikelady.org

PS Please invite your family, friends and co-workers to become a Friend of the Bike Lady. And consider encouraging your employer to give through a direct grant or employee matching.

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