Welcome to Bike Lady, Inc.
Give a kid a bike. Change a life.
On Team Bike Lady, we are immensely grateful for all our Friends and teammates. Your mindful year-to-year commitment and generous spirit go a long way toward immediately improving the daily living experience of so many Ohio kids. You've given opportunity, freedom, joy, and hope. And no matter what, the kids we serve will always remember their first new bike. Thank you. #way2roll

Year 2017 Season 10 funding has alread started to arrive. Check back frequently and follow on Facebook / Twitter! We'll catch up on postings soon! 

2017 CORPORATE Friends of the Bike Lady
Thank you for your funding!

100 Women Who Care Columbus - all members Q1 '17
Alliance Data 
Employee Match Program (Florida)
Amazon Smile Org Central (Washington)
Battelle Always Giving
Employee Match Program
Eclectic Enterprises
Good Makery
Kroger Community Rewards
Next Level Dance Academy / Baila Rico CMH Salsa Tuesdays - all participants Q4 '16
Westerville Bicycle Club

2017 IN-KIND Friends of the Bike Lady
Thank you for your generous contributions!

Battelle: Annual Bicycle Expo
Correctional Reception Center:
 Warden Shelbie Smith, Administration, staff & juvenile residents: Bike assembly, Letters of Hope / Ride Out Program
Franklin Imaging: banners, signage, graphics, flyers
Huffy BikesProviding new bicycles at Huffy in-country cost (no profit)

Pickaway Correctional Institution: Warden Charles Bradley, administration, staff & residents: High volume bike assembly, safety info printing, central depot / distribution point for all supplies, storage, logistics, distribution of unassembled bikes/supplies to institutions, transport to counties

2017 INDIVIDUAL Friends of the Bike Lady
Thank you for your generous contributions!

Unless otherwise noted, our Friends are from Ohio - from ALL over Ohio - but mostly the Columbus metro area. Our community is amazingly generous and dedicated to helping Ohio's most vulnerable children. We are always especially grateful to those supporters who live in other states and countries. You have an extra special kind of holiday spirit that travels coast to coast, and across the seas, helping our Buckeye kids. Thank you.

Michael Bergman
Theresa Cincione (New York)
Stacy Coil & Buff D'Amico
Anthony Dean, In memory of Bill Gordon
Ann Davis
Joe Florian & Peggy McIntyre
Julie Gordon
Joan Harless
Angie & Steve Kelly
Katherine Koch
Leslie Koch
Peggy McIntyre & Joe Florian
Karen Mittendorf
Amy Pearse
Hudi Podolsky (California)
Hoy & Susan Seckinger
Barb Seckler
Bert & Terese Smith (Michigan)
Bonita Smith

All of these people and organizations, with new additions
daily, are combining efforts in Year 2017 to give at least 
1,700 new bikes, helmets and locks to at least 
1,700 Ohio foster kids across 
numerous Ohio counties d
uring Bike Lady Season 10.