Welcome to Bike Lady, Inc.
Give a kid a bike. Change a life.
On Team Bike Lady, we are immensely grateful for all our Friends and teammates. Your mindful year-to-year commitment and generous spirit go a long way toward immediately improving the daily living experience of so many Ohio kids. You've given opportunity, freedom, joy, and hope. And no matter what, the kids we serve will always remember their first new bike. Thank you. #way2roll

2017 CORPORATE Friends of the Bike Lady
Thank you for your funding!

100 Women Who Care Columbus - all members Q1 '17
ABB Westerville Employees
ABB Foundation (North Carolina)
AEP Gahanna with EY
Alliance Data 
Alliance Data 
Employee Match Program (Florida)
Amazon Smile (Washington)
ATT Employee Match Program ((Texas)
Battelle Always Giving Employee Match Program
Battle Bike Expo Battelle employee donations
Battelle Foundation
Chillicothe Correctional Institution CCI Jaycees
Chillicothe Correctional Institution I&E General Fund
Chillicothe Correctional Institution Tropical Fish Fund
Columbus Foundation BIG GIVE 2017 Bonus Fund
Cyclenuts Holiday Ride
Dean Potts Realty
Delaware Lady Pacers Volleyball Team, Team Isaiah
Easterminster Presbyterian Church
Eclectic Enterprises
EY with AEP Gahanna
First Presbyterian Church of Washington Court House
Franklin Imaging
Good Makery
Healing Hearts Counseling Center - Mansfield
Independent Pilots Association Foundation (IPAF)
Kiwanis Club of Gahanna
Kroger Co. - Columbus & Cincinnati 
Kroger Community Rewards
Massucci Law Group
Mercer Employee Benefits & Employees
Next Level Dance Academy / Baila Rico CMH Salsa Tuesdays - all participants Q4 '16
Nolan Insurance Agency
Ohio Bike Lawyer - Steve Magas
Orbit City Bikes
Ottawa County
Pam Kutsick, HER Realtor
PayPal Giving Fund
Pickaway Correctional Institution Cap City Area Jaycees
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Resilient Resources
SafeGuard / Camac & Associates
Sandusky County
Souper Heroes
Teamsters Local 20 Teamsters Care
Trock Media Solutions (Florida)
UnitedHealthcare Ohio & Employees
Westerville Bicycle Club
Wolfe Financial Services
Wood County

2017 IN-KIND Friends of the Bike Lady
Thank you for your generous contributions!

Andys Burns & Friends: Transport to counties year-round
Battelle: Annual Bicycle Expo
Corrections Reception Center:
 Warden Shelbie Smith, Administration, staff & juvenile residents: Bike assembly & transport to counties, plus Letters of Hope / Ride Out Program
Franklin Imaging: Banners, signage, letterhead, graphics, flyers
Chillicothe Correctional Institution: Warden Charlotte Jenkins, Administration staff & residents: Bike assembly & transport to counties
Circleville Juvenile Correctional Facility: Superintendent Stephen Huffman, Administration staff & residents: Bike assembly & transport to counties
Grafton Correctional Institution: Warden LaShann Eppinger, Administration staff & residents: Bike assembly & transport to counties
Healing Hearts Counseling Center Mansfield: Administrator DeWayne Lee & staff: Bike assembly & transport to counties
Huffy BikesProviding new bicycles at Huffy in-country cost (no profit / wholesale)
Kroger Company: Tote bags to hold helmet, lock, and safety info for all bikes; transport to counties
London Correctional Institution: Warden Norm Robinson, Administration staff & residents: Bike assembly & transport to counties
Massucci Law Group: LeeAnn Massucci & staff: Transport to counties
Noble Correctional Institution: Warden Tim Buchanan, Administration staff & residents: Bike assembly & transport to counties
Ohio Reformatory for Women: Warden Ronette Burkes, Administration staff & residents: Bike assembly & transport to counties
Pickaway Correctional Institution: Warden Charles Bradley, administration, staff & residents: High volume bike assembly, safety info printing, central depot / distribution point for all supplies, storage, logistics, distribution of unasembled bikes/supplies to institutions, transport to counties
Rick's Bicycle Service: Rick Miller & staff: Safety checks / delivery WalMart bikes
Southeastern Correctional Complex: Warden Brian Cook, Administration staff & residents: Bike assembly & transport to counties
Toledo Correctional Institution: Warden John Coleman, Administration staff & residents: Bike assembly & transport to counties

2017 INDIVIDUAL Friends of the Bike Lady
Thank you for your generous contributions!

Unless otherwise noted, our Friends are from Ohio - from ALL over Ohio - but mostly the Columbus metro area. Our community is amazingly generous and dedicated to helping Ohio's most vulnerable children. We are always especially grateful to those supporters who live in other states and countries. You have an extra special kind of holiday spirit that travels coast to coast, and across the seas, helping our Buckeye kids. Thank you.

Greg Adams, Team Ulman
Crystal Ward Allen
Barbara Amatos
Jeff Amrine, team Isaiah
Paul Anderson
Lisa Antolino
Jeremy Appel
Suzan Alexander Arndt (Wisconsin)
Carol Arny
Kevin Baird
Harry Ballinger
Michelle Barbour (South Carolina), Team ABB
Ricky Barnhart
Franklin Bates
Sarah Bates, Team UHC/Mercer
Corey Beasley, Team UHC/Mercer
Karen Beck
Brian Belcher
Lindsay Belcher
George Bennett
Michael Bergman
Teresa Berkowitz
Jim Bierley in honor of Ziimmermann & Jahahn families
Melissa Billingsley, Team UHC/Mercer
Timothy Binkley, Team UHC/Mercer
Jodi Blacksher, Team UCH/Mercer
Nancy Blake
Tucker Bohm
Theresa Bornstein
Shannon Bowman, Team Ulman
Rita Bourland
Terry Bradley, Team Bill Gordon
Susan Brauning & Douglas Miller
Laura Brennan
Catherine Brody
David Brown & Family
Jennifer Brunner
Carolyn Burke
Nancy Burke, Team UHC/Mercer
Andys & Amanda Burns
Andys Burns Friends (anonymous donors via Facebook fundraiser)
Tom Burns
Bill Buss
Karen Byrdy, Team Isaiah
Bruce Cadwallader
Donna Campbell, Team UHC/Mercer
Vicki Cannon
William Cannon, Jr.
Marco Capalino
Patrick Casey
Emily Castle
Melissa Chandler, Team ABB
Dave & Kimberly Chappell, Team ABB
Shuh-Jiuah Chen, Team ABB
Pearl Chin
Ann Ciardelli
Theresa Cincione (New York)
Rhonda Collins
Darci Congrove
Colleen Conlon, Team UHC/Mercer
Tim Conrad
Patty Koch Corn
Jeff Corzine, Team UHC/Mercer
Kimberly Costell
Kim Crandall, Team UHC/Mercer
Mike & Paige Crane
Elise Cundiff
Karen Curley
Ann Custer
Sharon Cvetanovich
Eva Dale
Tracy Davidson, Team UHC/Mercer
Ann Davis
Daryl Davis, Team ABB
Joyce Davis
McKenzie Davis
Dee Dawson (Virginia)
Nick Dean, Team Bill Gordon
Linda Decker, Team UHC/Mercer
Ginger DeFilippo, Team UHC/Mercer
Julie Delong
Donnajean deSilva
James DeWille
Jim & Diane Dilley
Mark DiCello
Roger Dickinson
Jim & Diane Dilley
Christine Dobrovich
Caleb Drake, Team Isaiah
Tamara Drayton, Team UHC/Mercer
Mike & Gwen Duncan, Team Marcia
Dwight Dunlap
Charles Dyas
Paul & Amy Edgar, Team Ulman
Carie Marsh Ehrenborg
Viv Erwin
Albert Evans, Team Marcia
Marsha & Bill Evans
Marcia Evans Birthday Friends (anonymous donors via Facebook fundraiser)
Tony Fabiano, Team UCH/Mercer
Hawa Farah, Team UCH/Mercer
Anjenette Fenske, Team UHC/Mercer
Keith Finn
Kevin Finnerty
Carly Fisher, Team UCH/Mercer
James & Tammie Fisher, Team ABB
Joseph Flood & Jeanne Likens
Joe Florian & Peggy McIntyre
Marcey Forman
Glenn Fout
Dwayne Franklin, Team UHC/Mercer
Blaine Franz
Sandy Frey
Daniel Fuchs, Team Isaiah
Mary Lou Gambill
Ted Georges
Susie Gerald
Julie Gordon, Team Bill Gordon
Linda & Richard Gordon, Team Bill Gordon
Scott & Cyndi Gray, Team Isaiah
Claudia Greeshler
Jeffrey Grueser, Team UCH/Mercer
Ruth Guzner
Annette & Jerry Guy
Dean Hafey
Sara Hammond
William Hammond
Edward Hara
Scot & Sheryl Hardin
Joan Harless
Judith Harmony
Melvin Harris, Team UHC/Mercer
Chrisophe Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Harsch (New York)
Deanna Hart
Colleen Havens, Team Ulman
Karen Haverdill
Patricia Hechler
Charles & Dorothy Heinrich
Shari Heinrich
Rich Heitman
Thyrone Henderson
Ellen Herrick, Team Isaiah
Wendi Holley
Michael Horning & Scott Rambo
Melinda & Paul Hunley
Mitch Hurd
Tracy Izzard, Team UHC/Mercer
Jeffrey Jackson
Gloria & George Jahahn, by Jim Bierley
Judith Jenkins
Nancy Jillisky
Lynn Johnson
Zdenka Johnson, in honor of Aunt & Uncle Don & Mary Schneider
Andrea Jones
Myron Kaliski
Richard & Nan Kamm
Jennifer Kannen, In honor of Camille Warren's 40th Birhday 
Kelly Kasser
Katrina Keeley, Team Isaiah
Tricia Keels
Bob & Clemy Keidan
Beth Kelley, Team Isaiah (New York)
Frank Kelly, Team Marcia
Steve & Angie Kelly
Amanda Keyes, Team Isaiah
Thomas Keyes, Team Isaiah
Zachariah Keyes, Team Isaiah
April King, Team Bill Gordon
Scott King, in honor of Stan King
Stan King, by Scott King
Ben Kissell
Nan Klempnauer
Stephanie Kline
Sally Knasel
Ann Kneidinger-Flaherty
Chrissy Knott, Team UHC/Mercer
Cathe Chapin Kobacker, in honor of her Book Club
Kate Koch
Kristen Koch (North Carolina)
Leslie Koch
Robert Koch (Michigan)
Terry & Jan Koch
William Koehler
Gerry Koprowski
Beth Korda
Tricia Kovacs
Ken Kozlowski
Eric Kristofic
Molly Kurtz
Pamela Kutsick, honoring Ray Leard
Jennifer Laforest
Erica Lamm
John Lane
Jennifer Quinn Lastuka (Illinois)
Trish Laughman, Team Isaiah
Cindi Leathers
Bernice Lefeld
Dale Lehmann, Team UHC/Mercer
John Leibold
Diane Lemay
Kevin Lepionka
Catherine Levy
Jacki Lewis, Team UHC/Mercer
Jeanne Likens & Joseph Flood
Kurtis Lindamood, Team UHC/Mercer
Jamie Lindsay, Team Ulman
Ken Lloyd
Sharon Lyons, Team Isaiah
Pamela Lytle
Steve Magas
Julie Malkin
Joetta Manion
Brandon Martin
Lindsey & Raynard Martin, Team Isaiah
Theresa Matthews
Angela Warnke Maxwell (Arizona)
Nancy Mayle, Team Marcia
Barbara Bush McCauley
Jeff McCullough
Shannon McDevitt, Team Ulman
Kathy McIlvaine, Team ABB
Peggy McIntyre & Joe Florian
Linda McKnight
Peggy Meckling
Amanda Melchi, Team UHC/Mercer
S. Merugu, Team UHC/Mercer
Liz Meyers
Dougals Miller & Susan Brauning
Jennifer Miller, Team Marcia
Tom & Kathy Mimlitch
Brian Mittendorf, Team Ulman
Karen Mittendorf, in memory of Hunter McClelland
Jeni Mokren (New York)
Priscilla Mondiek
Dale Moore, Team UHC/Mercer
Sandy Morgan
Michelle Morrison, Team Isaiah
Judith Mosier, in honor of JR Jones
Karen Keyes Moss, Team Isaiah
Tyler & Amanda Nash
Mark & Elizabeth Nelson (South Carolina)
Scott Niblick, Team ABB
Bonnie Nijssen
Mike Nolan
Susan Noll, Team Isaiah
Margo & Scott Noreen
Basia Nowak
D'arcy Oaks
Patrick O'Reilly
James & Frances Orr
Corri Page, Team Isaiah
Marilyn Palumbo
MaryAnn Parker
Sandra Parsons
Charles Paschall, Team UHC/Mercer
Jim & Carol Paul
Amy Pearse
Jonathan Pearson (Washington DC)
Ann Peck
Miguel Perez
Harriet Perkins, Team Marcia
Larry Pesnya
Rebecca Phillips, Team Isaiah
Josh Platt
Hudi Podolsky (California)
Linda Post, Team UHC/Mercer
Dean Potts
Mariann Price
Daniel Pugh
Linda Quick, Team UHC/Mercer
Kevin Quinn (Florida)
Lori Richard, Team UHC/Mercer
Daniel Pugh
Sara Rain
Scott Rambo & Michael Horning
Luciana Ramsey
Robert Rashid
Steve Rauch
Holly Reed (California)
Mary Palumbo Reese
Donna Reid-Doyle
Raymond Rennebaum (California)
Richard Rennebaum (South Carolina)
Robert Rennebaum (Florida)
Kerry Reynard
Brenda Ribble
Pam Rice
Roberta Riley
Kim Rine
Mick & Joyce Rings
Grahm & Jill Roberts
James Rocco, Team Marcia
Margie Rotolo
Ian Sample, Team Isaiah
Ellen Sauter
Leroy Sawatzky
Dan & Juliette Schaefer
Meg Koch Scharf (Florida)
Gerald Schmidt, in memory of wife Kristen
Jennifer Schweikert
Krista Scott, Team UHC/Mercer
Hoy & Susan Seckinger
Barb Seckler
Cheryl Selzer
Jeff & Sharon Shadburn
Amy Shaver
Jennifer Sheridan
Eugene Shifrin
Ron Sima
Bert & Terese Smith (Michigan)
Gina Smith
Gregory Smith
Tom & Bonita Smith
Luke Smithberger, Team Isaiah
Kara & Jim Spidle
Lisa Staggenborg
Sharon & David Stellrecht (Washington)
Dan Stephens & Family
Lydia Strauss
Paul Strick, Team ABB
Jennifer Sullivan
Megan Swaney
Amy Swanson, Team UHC/Mercer
Kelly Tamerlano, Team UHC/Mercer
Michael Taxier
Cheri Taylor
Janet Tench
Jennifer Thurmond
Debby Thurston (Connecticut)
Terrance & Nancy Timlin
Eric Tippett
Trista Todt, Team Isaiah
Kim Koch Toussant
Teresa Traphagan
Jeff Tritt
Richard Trock (Florida)
Bridget Tyznik
Doug Ulman Friends (anonymous donors via Facebook fundraiser)
Vanessa Van Atta
Kelly Velaquez, Team UHC/Mercer
Dr. Robert & Deborah Verona
Elaine Vukadinovich (California)
Norma Wallace
Barbara Walters
Kristen Warnimont
Camille Warren
Casey Watson, Team UHC/Mercer
Meg Wernet
Amy Wertheimer
Cameron & Sara Wertheimer
Doyle Westbrook
Brian & Kelly Wicker
Patricia Wiley
Teri Williams
Marty & Lynn Withrow
David Wolfe
Leslie Woodruff
Paul Workmaster
Barbara Wright
Christa Yandrich
Ed Young
George & Kathy Zimmermann, by Jim Bierley
Sonya Zink

All of these people and organizations sponsored 1,927 new bikes, helmets, and locks for 1,927 children in Ohio foster care across 48 counties du
ring Bike Lady Season 10.